Winter 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Season of Giving

Circle is a local non-profit that aids people experiencing intimate partner violence. They provide shelter services to women and children and helps advocate for women at their court hearings. They also offer support groups and school programs. It is the season of giving to others, please consider donating to this wonderful organization!

Ice Ice Baby

With snow on its way, we just wanted to remind you that if snow removal/plowing is included in your lease, it does not always guarantee that the walkway will be shoveled! Please try to keep on top of this to prevent slips and tumbles when snow and ice build up. We will provide salt for the building to use on the walkways. Ig you are out of salt just give us a call and let us know! 

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Make like Elsa and Anna and build a snowman! With all of this snow, snowmen should be popping up left and right! 

We had so many great submissions and snowman built! 

When the Weather Outside is Frightful

With cold weather on its way, we wanted to remind you of a few tips and tricks to keep everyone cozy and warm this season. Please keep in mind and take the following precautions: 

1. Please take precautions with known areas of your home that are prone to pipes freezing. You can open cabinet doors to allow heat to get in, if you feel the pipes may be at risk of freezing.

2. Please check on your neighbors to make sure they are okay! 

3. Please cover all skin exposed in this frigid air to prevent frostbite. Frostbite could set in within 5-15 minutes while being exposed to the wind and cold. 

4. If you are able to have pets, please limit the time your pets are left outside. They too are susceptible to the cold and these freezing temperatures. 

If there are any suspicions of freezing pipes, or malfunctioning heating systems, call our office IMMEDIATELY at 802-622-3315 ext 2!